Cerob powder & eggless biscuit bites (Ayurvedic)

Cerob powder & eggless biscuit bites (Ayurvedic)

So far everyone who has enjoyed this dessert is just amazed about it's unique taste :)

200 g butter
1 cup carob powder (natural chocolate substitute)
3 tbsp Gur (cane sugar)
100 g biscuits
50 g various raisins, marmalade without gelatin, dried pineapple or any other dried fruit in small cubes
1/2 tsp ela (cardamon)
1/2 tsp. tvak (cinnamon)

Bring butter to melt, add sugar, carob powder, dried fruits. Meanwhile crumble biscuits in pieces (not too small), mix everything together. Pour in container and place in freezer for 30 min, then keep in fridge. 

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