Cinnamon buns (Ayurvedic)

Cinnamon buns (Ayurvedic)

I always wanted to try these famous buns and now the right moment finally came. No regrets for waiting so long by the way :)

For dough: makes about 1 kg (so you can now use just 1/2 of it and the other half place in the fridge for few days to make another baked goods using the same dough)

600 gr flour
3 tbsp brown sugar + (for sprinkling the dough)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp nutmeg
150 g butter + (for brushing the dough with it)
250 gr sour cream + (200 gr for cream mixture)
maple (actually these ones are made with agave syrup which was quite good as well). 

+ you can also add some walnuts and raisins


Mix flour with baking powder, sugar and nutmeg. Melt butter and mix it with sour cream till texture is foamy. Then add these 2 parts together and mash by hands till dough gets light, soft and airy. Let it rest for few minutes.
Meanwhile mix sour cream with brown sugar and carob powder)- you will need this for later. 
Then roll it on kitchen surface and brush with butter and sprinkle well with cinnamon and brown sugar. (to get these buns softer I would recommend to brush with cream.  When you are done with stuffing, roll the dough well and but in 3-4 cm wide pieces. place on baking tray and try to widen the edges a bit (so syrup and cream covers the bun), then pour with syrup. 
Bake in 200* for about 20 min. When ready pour cream on the top and let these beauties cool down a bit.  Enjoy! :)

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