These guilty-free muffins are soo.. delicious & quite easy to make. This time I decided to use spelt flour as they are much better & healthier than wheat flour. Also I used brown cane sugar instead of white sugar to add extra flavor & taste to muffins. 

125 g melted butter
100 g brown cane sugar (add as much as you want depending on how sweet muffins you would like to make)
3 eggs (in room temperature)
50-100 ml double cream 

Doves Farm or other organic spelt flour (add as much flour as 
1,5 tsp. baking powder
100 g almond flakes
50 g chocolate crumbs

Mix flour with baking powder and set aside. Mix butter with sugar, add eggs one by one. Add little bit of flour, and cream, repeat till you use all of them. Add almond flakes and chocolate crumbs, mix well. Put dough in a muffin tray (make sure to leave some space for dough to rise. Bake in 200* for about 15 min. Check if ready with wooden stick or match. 

Carob cream: (use more if you wish to have more cream) :)
2 tsp. carob powder
5 tsp. Crème fraîche & sour cream

In many recipes they use icing sugar but have you read the ingredients? Once I spent a while reading it in a supermarket and half of them I didn't know how to even pronounce, so this is the reason why I use only natural & safe ingredients with benefits. For example carob powder has many of them: it works as an anti-allergic, antibacterial, antioxidant & antiseptic. It improves digestion & lowers cholesterol level in blood, etc.

Final touch: 
Make sure to chill muffins before decorating them as otherwise the cream will slide off easily. Put cream on each muffin, sprinkle with almonds & brown sugar, put cranberry.

Enjoy! :) 
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The kale is certainly one of the healthiest and richest in nutrients products. There are several types of kale, from purple to green, but the most popular is the "curly kale" or "Scots kale". 

They contain:

Antioxidants (these are vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help protect the body from free radical formation) & Minerals (body structural elements)
C (able to strengthen immunity, as well as a powerful antioxidant) & K (obtained from bone and cardiovascular health) vitamins,
It lowers cholesterol,
Compounds which are believed to have a protective effect against cancer,
A lot of beta-carotene (or antioxidant, which the body converts into vitamin A)


1 package of kale
1 teaspoon olive oil
1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt
* You can add any other spices of your choice



This is my most recent discovery. It tastes wonderful and is healthier than the one you can find at the store.

* Did you know that: 

Peanuts are an excellent source of biotin. They are also a very good source of copper as well as a good source of manganese, niacin, molybdenum, folate, vitamin E, phosphorus, vitamin B1, and protein.

You can try many variations by adding:  vanilla (as I tried this time), Himalayan salt or whole nuts (for extra crunch). Also, you can add home-made caramel sauce... in other words, use your imagination.

1kg peanuts (roasted and shelled)
5 Tbsp. Ghee
1 vanilla pod natural (use knife to remove black seeds from the pod)


Put a little bit of peanuts and ghee in a blender, but not all at the same time. Blend well, then add the rest of them. Blend until it’s smooth and then add vanilla. Again, mix well and pour in small jars. If you keep the butter in the refrigerator, it will become a little thicker and more easily to spread on a bread, pancakes, or elsewhere.


These are just perfect for just a snack or additive to salad or soup. Also, they are very easy & quick to make. Here is how:

Butter puff pastry (defrosted)
Parmesan cheese
Himalayan salt
Herbes de Provence mixture


Preheat oven to 180* Line baking paper in baking tray.
Cut pastry lengthwise in 4 long pieces. Sprinkle on cheese, salt and herbs. Roll from both sides as a spiral. Line up on baking tray. Bake for about 10 minutes till golden brown.


This is really simple to make and can be used as an appetizer (preferably if the sauce is added) or additive vegetables, salad, or anything else.


1 kg potatoes
Himalayan salt
Fresh parsley, dill and other herbs (finely chopped)
Black mustard grains
Spicy paprika powder (this can be added if desired)
Ground nutmeg
Olive oil


Preheat oven to 180 *, line baking paper. Wash the potatoes and cut in half. In a large bowl, mix potatoes with all spices, herbs and sprinkle on some olive oil. Mix well and put everything on a pan. Bake for about 20 minutes until the potatoes are soft and golden brown.



I accidentally discovered this recipe and it certainly will be repeated many more times as it’s taste, smell and its enjoyment is an adventure.


1 medium sized eggplant
Olive oil
Himalayan salt
Dijon mustard with whole grains
Parmesan cheese (finely grated)
Greens (chopped parsley, dill or others)
Walnuts (previously pan fried) - * all nuts should be fried  in advance in order to: 1) they get a completely different, more complete aroma and flavor; 2) get rid of all the germs and dirt.


Preheat the oven to 180-200 degrees. Use ventilation mode. Place baking paper on a pan and pour on some olive oil.
Cut Eggplant lengthwise into very thin slices and arrange on the pan. Once again, pour the olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Bake until eggplant is soft and slightly brown.

Put Eggplant into a blender, along with walnuts, Dijon mustard and salt to taste. Mix well. Then add finely grated cheese and herbs. 
Place in a hermetically sealable jars. 
Use as a spread over the fried bread or according to your preferences.